Life Design

The Art of Discovering Your True Purpose in Life | taught by Simon Maryan
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Simon Maryan
Simon Maryan
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Hi, I'm Simon. I've studied and worked with human behaviour for over 20 years in the military and the public and private sectors. I spent 12 years working as a human intelligence specialist and studied psychology along the way and this combination, along with a vast set of experiences in applying behavioural change in real life situations led me to design this course. It was initially a face to face training and now, with this amazing platform I can reach so many more people and pass on the skills I've learnt so that you can make the kinds of changes that I've helped thousands of people achieve over the years.

If you are stuck at any point and have any any questions you can ask me through the following:

  • email me directly on
  • post your question in the private Facebook Group for this course: Life Design Members Group
  • you can also discuss your thoughts and ideas with other students

Life design is an amalgamation of several fields of Psychology (sport, cognitive, behavioural), Neuroscience and Neuro Linguistics. This incredibly powerful blend of several schools of thought creates a deep and broad view of how our minds work, how we decide on what’s important for us and what we decide to do with that information. This offers endless opportunities for you to create lasting, positive change for yourself, and, for your partner, children, work colleagues etc. whether your goals are personal and/or professional.

Life Design takes advantage of Neuro Linguistic's modelling process, often called a Psychology of Excellence, modelling is discovering and taking on the beliefs, values, behaviours and mental sequencing found in people who are outstanding in their field and utilising these in yourself and others. It is also finding examples of when you have been excellent, finding out how you were doing that and replicating it.

This is exactly the workshop for you if you are at a junction in your life and not sure whether to carry on doing the same old thing or hesitating to make a different choice and take your life in a brand new direction.



So where to start? I guess the best place would be what lead me to the Life Design course and what happened.

I was my own worst enemy. My whole adult life was spent being the dependable one, the people pleaser doing anything for an easy life - and even more so I self confessed self hater with no identity, trying so hard for different reasons to do what others expected of me; going day to day meaninglessly.

It took its toll on my health emotionally and physically was pretty much broken under the belief that I was unimportant, anything I said or did was worthless- christ if I didn't like what I saw on the mirror why would anyone else?

I somehow entered a cycle of crash diets, extreme exercise, silly fads " if I was a size 10 I would be happy, earn respect, get noticed by important people. If I didn't go to ned hungry or didn't throw up during working out I had failed - every time giving up when I didn't see results and everytime putting more and more weight on through comfort eating you can see where this was heading.....(I should add that I was severely obese at this point).

Then I was introduced to the Life Design course, At first I honestly didn't know how it could or would help me surely this kind of thing is only for business people, motivated people not ordinary people like me?

Beliefs - did I have any? Absolutely…Limiting! And values, how were they going to help me? But Wow! Somehow from section to section of the course pieces fell into place and then came that flick of the switch somewhere deep inside that part of my brain I had not being paying attention to. Its hard to explain, it doesn't happen overnight but it will happen trust me!

I've now realised that I am me, I do have value and you know what, that skinny, fake unrealistic person I so desperately wanted to be doesn't matter anymore, instead I give the healthier, fitter me the odd wink in the mirror on the way past.

I truly have gained so much and more learning to connect my brain and body. Start before you are ready, take that leap of faith and most importantly trust your journey.

😊 Thanks Simon.


When I first started working with Simon I was suffering from CFS / ME. Having taken a year off I’d made it back to work with a combination of pacing and Graded Exercise Therapy but my quality of life was still poor as I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.

Now, 5 months later I am free of CFS / ME and enjoying rebuilding my life, living my life the way I want to and being able to explore new possibilities. I’ve never said this about anything I’ve ever done before, but this programme has quite literally turned my life around and enabled me to enjoy life again.

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